Spinnys (Closed)

Sorry but i cant make spinnys anymore becuz the program that i use to get any type of clothes is fixed by cp this page will only be for display 

Here u can order really cool spinnys (without newspapers lol)



i can also change clothes during each spinny like this


Other Peoples:




srry Booga Nogga, the pirate jacket wouldnt work im so srry


Posted By: Neodavid


43 responses to “Spinnys (Closed)

  1. dufroggy

    i want 0.1

  2. Neodavid

    i need to kno wat clothes u want sorry i forgot to ad that lol

  3. red backpack
    color: red
    party hat
    black shoes
    3d glasses

  4. Hey can u make me one u already know wat i wear lol 0.1 speed

  5. danny

    i dont belive you are paintboy100 you liar!

  6. Neodavid

    thats exacly why im not gonna make it

  7. danny

    ne0david can u make me 1? u know my
    name. these are my clothes

    head:roman helmat
    body: sport life jacket
    hand: hockey stick
    neck: blue cape
    shoes: blue sneakers
    eyes: 3D glasses
    backround: rockhopper
    pin: red jewl
    you can make it any speed. i dont care. thanx!

  8. danny

    sorry i forgot make my color red

  9. danny

    in the spinny make my color red

  10. Jes00

    how do you make those faces’s?

  11. danny

    thank you so much!

  12. Hi Neodavid its Booga Nogga Can u plz make me a spinny at an 0.1 speed changing clothes with these items.
    Pirate Jacket
    Green Glasses
    clown shoes
    Hover Hat ( Blue or Red) I dont care
    Anything else that u would think looks good on me!!!!!!! 😆 :mrgreen:

    Remember my site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. can I have one? 1.0 speed
    black hoodie
    bunny ears (i love the bunny ears)
    bunny slippers
    and wat ever for the hand/flippers

  14. can i plz have
    feather boa
    purple jacket(not the dorky sueade ones plz)
    blue sneakers
    blue guitar
    make my couler pink plz

  15. oh and any speed the fastest faster then o.2 if ya can plz ‘-‘

  16. I want speed 0.1 and the ghost cape & superhero mask

  17. 3penguins

    how do you make these things?

  18. I’ll say its OK. ok? not god. but not bad. can u make my spinny now? and another thing, when u got ur new account, how did u get all the CP stuff anyway?


  20. im so srry but my spinny maker is broken ill try to fix it ok im so srry

  21. danny

    i saw u on cp and u wouldn’t answer my buddy request!

  22. thx so much its ok without the pirate jacket your the best!!!!!

  23. Can u plz put me on your blogroll cause I have u on mine my site once again is: http://www.booganogga.wordpress.com

  24. Can u plz tell me how 2 make the spinnys plz you are the best Buddy ever

  25. Hi can you make me another 1 that I can post on my site in the widget bar???? With the same clothes that the other 1 is. Your clubpenguin buddy,
    Booga Nogga

  26. girlsrule988

    Can u make one fore me?

    Head Item: Blue bunny ears
    Face Item: Spy goggles
    Body Item: Snow flake shirt
    Hand Item: Black guitar
    Neck Item: Star Necklace

    Thats all!!

  27. girlsrule988

    With speed 0.1

  28. girlsrule988

    and my name is girlsrule876

  29. Jes00

    i want 1
    head: red pirate bandanna
    face: green sunglasses
    hand: ping pong paddle
    color: black
    name: jes00

  30. partypengudan124

    im dan124 how do u make one and could you make me one im dan124

    hat:royal crown
    eyes: red glasses
    neck: red cape
    shirt:red poplo shirt
    hand: red guitar
    feet: cowboy boots

  31. partypengudan124

    speed 0.1

  32. partypengudan124

    go to this here link


    ill make you animations but im not you are with my new spinny help video it will be on that page on febuary 1st so visit my page then!

  33. Do u know the through the hat glitch?


    1st of all its a hack and its fixed and u can do it to other stuff like ur shoes and jeckets

  34. danny

    yeah! im still up there!

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