Become a Admin

If you wanna be a Admin of this site its not problem u just have to have a wrdpress acount! and i need to ur email NoT YoUr NaMe LoL

a Admin is a person who posts the stuff like i do make pages almost watever u want

Mod Rules: the end u have to say Posted By: and your name not do anything bad or youlll get fired

there will be more rules

Posted By: Neodavid


64 responses to “Become a Admin

  1. danny


  2. danny


  3. clubpenguinchatandsecrets

    i kno i tried that 2 it sucks

  4. Neodavid

    i told u not to click on it!!!!!

  5. clubpenguinchatandsecrets

    :mrgreen: lol i cliked it once but i turned of my music so i didnt here it :mrgreen: ::):

  6. dufroggy

    can i be a mod of this site my ueser is dufroggy

  7. Neodavid

    yeah sure i added u

  8. dufroggy

    how do i add more mod’s on my site?

  9. starly000

    uhhh hi
    from starly000

  10. starly000

    uhhhh i want to be mod

    uhhhh whats a mod agian?

  11. blooflu123

    hi i really want to be a mod is it true u can edit clubpenguin when a mod????

    posted by: blooflu123

  12. danny

    he means a mod for this site. not for clubpenguin like billybob or rsnail

  13. blooflu123

    how you become mod for clubpenguin??

  14. i really need to know how to become mod for clubpenguin
    someone help

  15. u hav to be 18 or older and liv in canada

  16. danny

    but its not just a fun thing to do. being a mod for clubpenguin wil BE UR JOB.

  17. crusher112

    i want to be a mod

  18. do u hav a wrdpress acount?

  19. starly000

    i cant find the write butten

  20. can i be a mod username:

  21. minasam

    mine is pommepoivre

  22. arceus121

    mod mod now now

  23. arceus121

    user name arceus121

  24. lucia

    i wana be a mod of cp

  25. Incubus7

    can I br a mod usrename:Incubus7

  26. kingkarim56

    how do you make a wordpress acount i want one

  27. u go to and sign up now

  28. Shadow Kt

    I want to be a mod.
    posted by Shadow Kt

  29. u dont say posted by in the comments lol 😆

  30. gump898

    go to today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. girlsrule988

    Hey I’d like to be a mod, my email is

    My wordpress account name is girlsrule988

  32. girlsrule988

    Email me telling me if i am a moderator

  33. girlsrule988

    OR tell me on my site

  34. its not moderator its admin now

  35. and lots of people thing htat a moderator of Club Penguin lol i think thats wat ur thinking

  36. girlsrule988

    No, but I guess i could be an admin if you say yes

  37. Hello
    I also clicked on it so i restarted my com bec. i thought it was scary

  38. how do you paste pictures on my website


    you have to upload them

  39. Hello Neodavid! I Would like to be a Mod and Yes i have a WordPress Account and my Website is! Thank-You.

    Posted By: Haraki255

  40. my name on is ponchieoo im awsome if you see me wabbeling be my friend!!!

  41. I have a website at

    My e-mail is

    Why don’t you let me be the admin? I can update your site! Don’t let your readers be disappointed : )

    EDITORS COMMENT: i thought i added u?

  42. danny

    everyone dont ask to be a mod it is pointless. just do ur own site and plus he quit

  43. partypengudan124

    neodavid how you make the dontclick this button

    posted by:dan124

  44. arylay

    can i be an admin? my email is

    plz meet me on club penguin sometime soon. my name is arylay. too bad that there’s been a hacker going around club penguin and that guy who hacked fever i think hacked me and banned me for 100 hours! right now there is about 48 more hours left in the ban. so plz plz plz plz plz meet me on CP. =| im so so so so so so so so… oops i lost my point. o yea just meet me at the server sabretooth(u.s. server) =( =| …


    srry i have to many admins

  45. arylay

    o srry i gotta tell u my wordpress acount. its

    =) my bro’s wordpress acount is

    its so so so so so so so so so… whoops
    i lost my point again. o yea its just really cool.

  46. how the hell do you be a mod

  47. mr.awesome

    does this work

  48. mr.awesome

    Yo wazz up

  49. yo4848

    hey sup ne0david, yeah thats me lol


    kewl i havnt seen u in a long time

    P.S. i quit cp

  50. clubpenguinultra

    Can i be an admin?

  51. imnottelling

    can i become one my email is

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