Christmas Party

1. Raindeer Antlers at the Dock


2. Santa Hats at the Snowforts


3. New pin in the Lodge Atic


and i was thinking of deleting my blog, plz comment

and my membership ended and i got it for runescape lol

Posted By: Neodavid



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13 responses to “Christmas Party

  1. wat??? and do u play runescape cause i saw a guy named dannyboy and some numbers

  2. delete ur blog? its up to you.

    my newspaper is coming out in a few days, maybe after Christmas, so be sure to check 4 updated on my site!

  3. danny

    umm no. i am sure that im not the only one. runescape is ok. i just think it is a little too umm geeky with the wizzards, dragons, and magic. i actually do have one but dont delete this site!!!!!! i will be soo mad 😡

  4. Hey,Coolio Site you got there 😉
    Awesome job you’re doing with it =D

    Mind if you add me to your Blogroll:

    Thanks and Merry Xmas ne0david ❗

    Waddle off!

  5. danny

    and plz check this site alot because waiting so for the comment to get posted as getting really annoying. lol


    lol 😆

  6. straw000

    Could you add me to your blogroll?

    I will add you in return. Just drop a comment on my site to notify me : )


  7. wiidude

    this site is crap u never update

    EDITORS COMMENT: cuz i gave up jheez this website is just for display

  8. at least take off the Christmas music 🙂

  9. iceyflake31

    plz visit my website 🙂


    Go to for more information!
    Club Penguin is in serious danger!


  11. Hey I dont know whos getting this comment either Dozy3000 or Jes00. Well its Booga Nogga frum and i wanted to say that Neodavid got really far w/ his site and it turned out good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

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