Halloween Party

Hi Everybody, Its Dozy3000 (Helping out Ne0david)

So the biggest party of the year begins! Collect a pumpkin pot at the snow forts and begin collecting those sweets (Hidden around club penguin!)



The sweet locations

First of all, go to the Pizza Parlor and click on the long green sweet stuck in the organ, it should then pop out and land somewhere, click on it again (U have found the first sweet!)


Then go to the Coffee shop, you should see a pile of sweets click on it, it will then open and reveal a square sweet, click on it!


Then make your way to the forest, you should see something sticking out of a tree hole click on it, then click on it again!


Then go to lighthouse beacon, you should then find a pink sweet to the right of your screen, click on it!


Then make your way to the ski lodge, you should find an round orange sweet in the eye of the mullet click on it, it will fall onto the sofa, click on it again!


 Then go to the Nightclub click on the green puffle, it should then come up with a riddle, the correct answer is Happy Halloween, then wait a few seconds as the green puffle makes you a toffee apple, click on the toffee apple when it is done!


Then go to the cove, click on the binoculars and wait till a purple octupuss appears holding a red lollipop, click on the lollipop!


Then make your way to the mountain, where a scarecrow will meet you, click on the scarecrows head and a chocolate bar will appear, click on the chocolate bar!


 Once you have collected them all, click on the pumpkin in the corner, then click collect prize and you will recieve a black and orange scarf!



 The new Pin

You can find the pin at the swimming pool (slime pool) there you will find a spider quick click on him before he runs away!



Pictures of the party!

11.png 2.png 3.png


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  1. Buffy Kiev

    I got everythig! its sweet

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