The Video!

guys here is my vid its how to walk with news here it is



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7 responses to “The Video!

  1. i could never get to walk with the news, but i can dance with it! now i can spy on people and they think im reading the news! lol!

    Editors Coment: how come it didnt work i think that u forgot that only other people can see u doing this

  2. 3penguins

    hey i need help. i cant post my videos on youtube because they are Windows Movie Maker documents. what do i do?

  3. Neodavid

    its easy your doing it roing go to the side and it will say Save to my Computer and when it says its done upload it onto youtube i had the same problem before lol!!! if u dont understand commet again

  4. 3penguins

    thanx dude. by the way i also have a CP site here on wordpress. me and my sisters run it(mostly me, GBarkley).its at can ypu maybe check it out, give me some feedback, and tell people about it? thanx.

  5. 3penguins

    Hey dude how did you get that animated banner?

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